Cervical Cancer Symptoms

Usually there is no signs or symptoms in an early stage of cervical cancer. Symptoms only appear when the mutated cells becomes aggressive and invades into nearby cells. When this happens the usually these are noted,

  • unusual discharge from vagina – the discharge might include some blood and happens between menstruation or after menopause
  • unusual vaginal bleeding – bleed after intercourse, bleed after menopause, bleeding and spotting between periods or having menstrual longer or heavier than usual
  • pain during intercourse

Although these symptoms may also cause by other condition, the best advice is to consult a doctor as soon possible. Ignoring these symptoms suffer the risk of the cancer advance into the later stage where it become cancerous. Cervical cancer are curable in the early stages.


Women may take precaution steps to reduce the risk factors of being diagnosed with cervical cancer. Currently there are two vaccines available in the market, Gardasil and Cervarix which prevents the infection of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) that lead to the cancer. Another precaution steps is to undergo Pap test regularly. Sexually active females are recommended to go for Pap test that can detect cervical cancer at the early stage.


Herbal Treatment

Some times herbal treatments are preferred instead of western chemical medicine. Herbal treatments has 5000 years of history and studies. Chinese physicists has tried different kind of herbs or combination of herbs to cure or heal illnesses. Due to there are many different type of herbs around the world, there are chances to dissolve a tumor using herbal treatment.

An experienced Chinese master are able to prescript a suitable combination of herbs for a particular condition. Besides herbal, Chinese master also practices acupuncture. He has heal and speed up the healing process of many patients from all around the world. Many of them are satisfied with the effectiveness of the treatment. While undergoing the treatment process, patients can stay in the accommodation provided by the centre with a fee. This will ensure patients always get the needed attention during the treatment as well as learning qi gong, keeping the right diet and some emotional therapy which will help in the patients’ wellness.


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